IMG_4071_leroy_stThe South Village Neighbors came together in 2012 to stand up against the appalling out-of-scale development that threatens our neighborhood. First, there was the 47-story Trump hotel-condo scheme at Spring and Varick. Then, to the north, came the NYU 2031 Plan to transform the Village. And to the west, extending to the Hudson River: the imminent Hudson Square rezoning. Even the City’s own environmental analysis says will have a “significant adverse impact” on the neighborhood if rezoning passes without landmark protections. Now we face the God’s Love We Deliver-QT Development debacle at 180 Sixth Avenue. Our neighborhood is endangered – the time to act is now.

The South Village Neighbors support historic preservation and appropriate, community-based development, including affordable housing, open spaces, and the rights of the local community to have a say in the shaping of their neighborhoods through genuine neighborhood governance.

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