News: South Village Neighbors Launch Legal Fund to Fight Out-of-Scale Development

unless-april-graphicA group of concerned South Village neighbors have banded together to challenge the proposed 15-story high-rise luxury condominium development planned by God’s Love We Deliver & QT Development at 180 Sixth Avenue.

The GLWD-QT monstrosity is at the heart of the proposed South Village Historic District and will dwarf the surrounding neighborhood and leave us to live in its shadows. It is totally out of character with the low-rise, low density buildings that we have come to appreciate as being part of the charm and warmth of our beloved South Village.

After consulting with a prominent land use attorney and zoning expert, South Village Neighbors has launched a legal fund campaign to mount a serious opposition to this latest example of overdevelopment in our neighborhood community. The goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of Valentine’s Day weekend. By standing together, we can stop, or seriously slow, the 180 Sixth Avenue overdevelopment disaster.

What neighbors say about the GLWD-QT Development:

I’m an artist. I’ve lived directly across the street from the GLWD site since l975. My wife and I have raised two children, here, and struggled mightily to create a home amidst the enormous pressures of economic and commercial hyper-development. This project is architecturally destructive to the brick-and-mortar nature of our neighborhood, and totally inconsiderate to those of us who actually live here. It is an invitation to developers far and wide to demolish our historical buildings, push us out of our homes, and allow rampant construction of ugly glass and aluminum buildings which are completely out of scale with the beautiful SoHo, which originally attracted artists and tourists. This neighborhood needs to be preserved, just as great European cities preserve their historical areas and landmarks. It is truly unfortunate that a reputable and positive charity such as God’s Love We Deliver has chosen to act as a stalking horse for some of the worst forces in our city.

– Harry Pincus

Our overburdened and outdated infrastructure and electrical grid can barely support current demands without adding more overdeveloped properties. We have enough new luxury condo space in the neighborhood which remains vacant.

– Crissy C.

Unrestricted development is destroying quality of life for millions of New York City residents. There is no sense of balance. New construction of residential and office space continues unabated with NO corresponding improvements to infrastructure to accommodate increasing numbers of residents and workers. In addition, the asethetics of entire neighborhoods are being destroyed with little or no concern for longtime residents or small business owners. For lack of a better word, I am disgusted and my vote in the upcoming Mayoral primary will reflect that disgust!

– David A.

Show God’s Love and QT what real neighborhood love looks like. Make a Valentine’s Day Legal Fund contribution today.


1. Make a check to SoHo Alliance for $500, $300, $250, $100 or whatever you can afford (no contribution is too small).
2. Note “South Village Legal Fund” in the memo line.
3. Mail or drop off your check with Barbara North, who has kindly agreed to manage the bookkeeping on this and get your checks to SoHo Alliance:
Barbara North
100 Sullivan Street, Apt 1E
New York, NY 10012
1. Visit
2. Enter the amount you’d like to donate and click on “Pay Pal”.
3. Just before you pay you will have the opportunity to designate your donation for the legal fund. When you see the “Your order summary” page, enter “South Village Legal Fund” in the box for description. This will earmark your donation for 180 Sixth Avenue challenge.

Many thanks to SoHo Alliance, and their Executive Director Sean Sweeney, for agreeing to serve as a fiscal sponsor for the South Village Neighbors Legal Fund.

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