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New York Times Covers South Village Neighbors’ Battle

godzilla we develop

                         Godz-ill-a! We Develop!
                Image courtesy of Har-Monic Studio.


This morning the New York Times covered the South Village Neighbors challenge to the GLWD-QT development scheme at 180 Sixth Avenue.  It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to air our concerns in a public forum, particularly since we were shut-out of the City Planning Commission discussions, unrepresented by our Community Board, and ignored by our City Council representative, Christine C. Quinn, who is a longtime advocate for GLWD — at the expense of her residential constituents.  That said, we were not surprised to see that 80% of the ink went to the GLWD position: GLWD has a powerful public relations machine, a celebrity-studded Board of Trustees, and the deep pockets of their new real estate developer pals. Check back in the next few days to hear more about what the neighbors are saying about this story.

South Village Neighbors Testify at City Council Hearing on Hudson Square Rezoning

South Village neighbors David Chester and Harry Pincus testified on Tuesday, February 11th at the City Council public hearing on Hudson Square rezoning plan. Chester underscored the need for affordable housing in our neighborhood, while Pincus noted that European cities have figured out how to preserve their civic treasures, why not get it right in New York’s South Village?

David Chester from South Village Neighbors on Vimeo.

Harry Pincus from South Village Neighbors on Vimeo.

You can watch the full hearing here (all 3 hours and 15 minutes of it, so not for the faint of heart). Or use the slider bar to move forward to hour 2:12 to hear David and his panel, and to hour 2:35 to hear Harry’s testimony. Also check out Sarah Malloy-Good’s testimony (at hour 2:29) on behalf of Assemby Member Deborah J. Glick, strongly advocating for public spaces and real city planning during the rezoning process.