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Liquor Licenses Reach Saturation Point on Sullivan Street: Noise, Smoke, and Traffic Alert

street scene at MacDougal & 3rd Street showing many bars and loungesNo offense intended to our neighbors on MacDougal between Third and Bleecker, but we might want to avoid having multiple streets that are crowded with bars, pubs, clubs, and lounges.

liquor licenses in the south village, a map with legend

If you’re concerned that Sullivan Street between Prince and Houston is on the way to becoming the next MacDougal and Third, please take note:

Community Board 2’s State Liquor Authority Committee will meet on Tuesday, April 7th at 6:30pm at St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan Street, Lower Hall to hear applications for four wine and beer licenses:

• 135, LLC d/b/a Once Upon a Tart, 135 Sullivan St. North and South Stores 10012
• 135 Tart, LLC, d/b/a Once Upon a Tart, 135 Sullivan St. North Side 10012
• An Entity to be Formed by Daniel La Vain, 144 Sullivan St. 10012
• 13 Sullivan Gents LLC, d/b/a 142 Sullivan, 142 Sullivan St. 10012

If approved, this would mean four new liquor licenses in the middle of Sullivan between Prince and Houston. That’s a lot of noise and traffic on a quiet residential block. Residents are already suffering from carousing customers many nights, courtesy — or rather discourtesy — of Navy at 137 Sullivan.

Right now Sullivan Street has enough bars and restaurants to easily meet the needs of our neighborhood and the surrounding area. We don’t need more liquor licenses.

Show up, speak up, and let your CB2 representatives hear from you about the peace and quiet you value on your block.

Click on the map to see a Google map charting liquor licenses in our neighborhood.